Thai Massage Beaverton

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Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is a combination of massage and yoga postures with thousands of years of tradition. Thai massage works the energy lines called "Sen", releasing tension and stimulating energy flow throughout the body leaving you feeling an overwhelming sense of energy and mental relaxation.

Thai Therapy

Thai Therapeutic Massage achieves muscular and energetic balance of the whole body. Following energy channels, rhythmic and deep pressure is applied along with gentle stretching based on yoga asanas that improves range of motion, flexibility and circulation to reach amazing therapeutic results in little time.


In the last ten years I have taught Thai massage to more than 1,000 students. I have studied at most of the schools in Thailand, with famous local therapists and monk healers. I organize study-abroad teaching groups in Thailand to learn the real art from the real source. Come learn an ancient healing tradition!

Who I Am. What I Do

For over 15 years I have been dedicating myself to the art of Thai therapeutic massage and have always felt a great affinity for therapy.  I have shared this knowledge with many students at my school and developed a combination of physical therapy and Thai massage that is uniquely my own.​