Eduardo velasco

Founder of Mthai School


2015 - Present

Massage Therapist in Beaverton, Oregon

Since I arrived to the US I keep practicing Massage Therapy at the same time I am studying Chinese Medicine at OCOM.

2007 - 2015

After extensive training in Thailand with various schools and renowned teachers, I opened up the first traditional Thai massage school in Spain, “Escuela Española de Masaje Tradicional Tailandés”. After ten years of continued growth, the school has successfully graduated more than 1000 alumni, maintains a professional staff and services the community of Madrid with high quality therapy and massage.

2005 - 2007


Private practice of physiotherapy.

About Me

For over 15 years I have been dedicating myself to the art of therapeutic massage and have always felt a great affinity for therapy. After practicing massage for a few years, I went to university and majored in Physical Therapy.  Later, I discovered traditional Thai massage and became fascinated with the techniques and its effectiveness so I started traveling to Thailand to learn this ancient art. I learned from the best schools in the country, as well as various local therapists, especially a famous healer in Thailand known for his healing arts, Luampo Sombun, a Thai Buddhist monk with whom I was fortunate to learn and live with for three years. In Spain, I founded the first school of Traditional Thai Massage in Madrid. Since then I have spent the last 10 years of my life continuing to travel to Thailand to learn and discover the secrets of Thai therapeutic massage.  I have shared this knowledge with many students at my school and developed a combination of physical therapy and Thai massage that is uniquely my own.​
I am also currently completing a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine which I plan to incorporate with massage in order to be able to help a wider scope of patients.


Back Pain 95%
Neck Pain 95%
Low Pack Pain 95%
Shoulder Pain 95%
Elbow Pain 95%
Wirst Pain 95%
Ankle Pain 95%
Stress Relieve 95%


2015 - Present

Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine OCOM, Portland, Oregon. (4 year program in progress)

April 2016

The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, Bangkok (372 hours) Thai Massage.

November 2012

Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok (30hours) Womans Health Care Massage


Om Sala, Chiang Mai (20h) Chi Nei Tsang


TMC, Chiang Mai (30h) Foundation of Thai Massage Level 1

2008 - 2011

Internship with Luampo, a Thai Buddist Healer monk


Thai Traditional Medical Service Society, Bangkok (60hours) Spa Body Treatment


Thai Traditional Medical Service Society, Bangkok (60hours) Aromatherapy Massage Course


Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexology, Bangkok (80hours) Thai Reflexology.


Lek Chaya, Chiang Mai (25hours) Nerve Touch Massage


Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Chiang Mai (30hours) Foot Massage


Chetawan Traditional Massage School, Chiang Mai. (30hours) Oil Massage and Aromatherapy


ITM, Chiang Mai (180hours), Teacher Training


Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok (60hours) Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy


Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok (30hours) General Thai Massage.

2002 - 2005

Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Madrid Diplomado en Fisioterapia (Physiotherapy) Bachelors of Science


Fundación Funiber, Universidad de León, Madrid (530hours) Nutrición y Dietética (Nutrition and Diet).


Kinesiologia Holistica, Madrid. (480 hours) Jose Luis Godoy