I am not flexible, can I get the massage?

Thai massage is always customized for every patient, taking into account current physical and health conditions. If you’re not flexible, this is actually a great bodywork style for you to gain mobility.

What should I wear in the appointment?

The massage is performed fully dressed and it is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting Yoga or sport clothes to accommodate the twisting and stretching movements in the session. If you don’t have anything to change into, we can provide appropriate covering for you to wear during your session.

Is it safe for old people, children, injured or sick people?

The treatment is always adjusted for each individual needs. It can be done safely, with certain modifications to accommodate contra-indications as needed with all the above-mentioned types of conditions with remarkable results.

How often can I get Thai massage?

This kind of massage can safely be received daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your needs and your personal circumstances. It is highly recommended to get massage once per week to maintain optimal wellbeing.

Is it OK to eat before/after the session?

It is not advisable to eat before receiving a massage, it is better not to eat for at least 1 hour before the session.
After the treatment there is no problem at all.

Which is advisable to do after the massage?

Stay hydrated, drink warm water (tea or soup) and take an epsom salt bath. Epsom salt helps muscles release tension and reduce soreness.

Is Thai massage painful?

Thai massage can be adjusted to suit each person. You can request soft or deep pressure. The massage therapist will also watch each client’s reaction to deep pressure, and will make adjustments accordingly. However, if your body isn’t used to stretching or acupressure, there can be some soreness after your massage. When the soreness subsides the next day, you will feel great and feel less tension.

What happens if I arrive late, miss or cancel an appointment?

I understand that occasionally delays will lead to arriving tardy to an appointment. However, as I make every effort to see you on time, I must ask that you call if you anticipate being late for an appointment. For patients showing up later than 15 minutes, we may have to reschedule the visit to the next available time so that I can be punctual to the next appointment. 

I consider your appointment with me to be an important commitment to you and ask that you assist me by letting me know as early as possible if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment. Though I understand that at times missing an appointment is unavoidable, repeated missed appointments may result in charges being applied. Please let me know if an appointment will be missed!

Do you take insurance?

It depends on your coverage, we’ll need to discuss it.