Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Massage, the perfect fusion of YogaMassage and Meditation.
It is an ideal combination of rhythmic pressure, stretching, gentle twisting and meditation.

Upon receiving a massage session your whole body relaxes, tension melts away, and the mind becomes lucid and clear.
The aim of Mthai massage is to achieve a muscular and energetic balance of the whole body from head to toe. Following energy channels or Sen lines, I work all body muscles with rhythmic and deep pressure. My technique also involves stretching based on yoga asanas (adapted to the needs of each person) that releases tension and balances the whole body, reaching amazing therapeutic results in a little time.
60 min-$75

Thai Therapy

Thai Therapy is a perfect fusion of the best techniques from ancient Thai massage healing traditions with the best of the latest advances from modern body-work science.
90 minutes of professional treatment focused on release pain from an specific part of the body.
90 min – $120 

Learn the Art

In my trips and time living in Thailand I have had the opportunity to meet  wonderful, authentic massage masters and local traditional healers, with whom I have had the chance to learn, train and develop my skills. I have been organizing training trips to Thailand with groups of students for a long time. Nowadays I continue to organize trips for small groups (from 1 to 3 students) to learn massage techniques with special Thai Masters. To find out more about training trips, click on the bottom for more information.